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Roger Ormisher

Before joining Nth Degree, Roger held senior communications positions at Volvo, Nissan and Fisker. He can craft big picture strategy and implement it. He's a master of brand partnerships, creative solutions, and delivering results. Roger in a few words: Enjoys building teams with a winning spirit. Globally aware. Family-focused and fun loving. Open minded. Customer-centric. Totally communicative. Keep calm and carry on!
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5 Planning Tips for Your Next Automotive Consumer Event

Posted by Roger Ormisher on Mar 9, 2016 3:37:36 PM


1. Clarify your objectives. How many times are events created just because we need to ‘make some noise’? Firstly, carefully craft your message, identify the intended target and ensure this will help achieve your ROI. Once these simple steps have been taken you can get your team behind the project and start planning for success. Many manufacturers are happy to just achieve some brand or model recognition for a new model, but many need to accurately measure a real translation to dealer footfall, test drives and ultimately sales to show genuine ROI. 

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