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A Guide to Trade Show Union Rules and Regulations in Las Vegas

Posted by D'Anna Hurley on Jan 20, 2016 10:37:48 AM
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The New Year speaks to fresh starts and you and your colleagues resolving to work smarter, spend more time with your family and generally better yourselves to achieve that elusive work/life balance your HR Department keeps talking about. In light of this, we’ve chosen to highlight the trade show union rules and regulations in one of the biggest trade show and event markets in the country – Vegas baby!

It’s January, so with mega shows like #CES2016 and #SHOTShow you are likely to be thrown into this mix of revolving trade shows, tourists and festivities. The information below should help you cut through the chaos and get the details you need for a great show and a good start to your new balanced lifestyle.

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Answers to FAQs about Union Rules in Las Vegas

Applicable Facilities: Las Vegas Convention Center and any Casino Ballroom

Material Handling           

  • Can exhibitor carry in merchandise/items into hall by themselves? Yes, hand-carry ONLY.
  • Can exhibitor use a hand truck or dolly/wheeled cart to bring exhibit materials into the hall? Exhibitors can only hand-carry items or use a 2-wheeled personal cart. Otherwise, this must be handled by the GC.


  • Can shop supervisor or exhibitor work in this city or supervise ONLY? Supervise only.
  • Can the exhibitor install and dismantle their display? Yes, full-time company employees ONLY can do this. However it must require no tools and take no longer than 30 minutes.
  • Can the exhibitor use tools to set up their displays?
  • Can the Exhibitor Appointed Contractor (EAC) set-up steel deck structures? Yes, but the structure must be pre-approved by building engineering. Copies of approval are required on-site during install.


  • Electrical service - from overhead or floor? Both are used – it depends on the location of the exhibit in the hall.
  • Can exhibitor or EAC run electrical cords under carpet? All cords must be supplied by show electricians and all booth incoming supply cords must be laid by show electricians.
  • Can exhibitor or EAC run electrical cords above carpet? All electrical work is handled by show electricians.
  • Can exhibitor or EAC plug lights and/or other devices into booth electrical outlets? All electrical work is handled by show electricians.
  • Can exhibitor/shop/EAC place lights? Can exhibitor/shop/EAC insert Duratrans in light boxes? Yes to placing lights and inserting duratrans in light boxes, but no to hanging lights.
  • Can Genie Lifts be used?  


  • Who can vacuum the booth carpet? EACs can SPOT vacuum a given area of a booth’s carpet ONLY. Full booth cleaning is the responsibility of the GC.
  • Can exhibitor/shop have food/beverage brought into facility? All food or beverage must be purchased from the center catering service.
  • Is there access to local specialty vendors?
  • Can EAC assemble hanging signage? This is the responsibility of GC rigging. EACs cannot assemble any hanging sign.

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