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Calling All Type As – Take a Breather

Posted by D'Anna Hurley on Apr 8, 2016 3:16:28 PM
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You know who you are, and because of this you may not even be reading this post as you have a “To Do” list to attack before the weekend. But, in the off-chance you are scanning my prose with the promise that I may actually help make your life just a touch easier – welcome, fellow purists!

If you’re an event marketer, trade show manager, event planner or anything in between, you are probably Type A and you can move on to the next section.

But, if you’re not completely confident just how Type A you really are, check out this quiz to see.
Full disclosure - my results were 50% Type A, so I took it twice, just to be sure.
Feel free to share your results in the comments section – we’d love to be your Type A support group.

Now that we’ve established what makes you tick, here are some tools to help you in your daily work life organized by some common Type A quirks, I mean, characteristics:

  • You’re a Pre-Planner: Our online trade show calendar is easy to use and can help you plan and research thousands of trade shows months in advance. And once you find your show, you can even order your installation and dismantle labor right from this tool.
  • Your Clients Come First: You arrive in a new city and have work to do, but there are clients to be entertained and working dinners to attend; business trips almost always include a work dinner, so we’ll keep this one really simple:
    • Step one - shoot me an email with a few details.
    • Step two – wait for me to send you some great restaurant recommendations. We have cultivated these lists from our team at each of our 24 offices worldwide, as well as our seasoned road warriors.
  • Your Hat Collection is…Colorful: You can go from budget-cruncher to blogger without missing a beat. To say you wear many hats is an understatement, but even rock stars need some help. Content creation takes up a ton of time, one great tool you could explore is BuzzSumoIt helps you focus on what gets the most results, and I know how much you love results – after all, it’s the only time you put on your party hat!
  • You’re Organized: Well, there is a method to your madness anyhow. Here are some apps to help take your organization on the road with you.
  • You’re Creative: You can problem-solve a late shipment and recommend a design aesthetic in the same sentence, but you can’t create more time or money. No budget for outside designers? No problem. I follow the HubSpot blog and I have this article bookmarked as it has 29 free tools to help you get the creative you need at no extra cost.

You’re done with this list – check it off and have a great Friday.


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