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Leave Your Trade Show Displays to us – New Orleans is Calling

Posted by D'Anna Hurley on Nov 9, 2016 3:14:00 PM
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I love NOLA – it’s the food (don’t you know me at all by now), the music wafting through the streets, the people, the culture, the trade shows and events. Wait, what? Ok, so when you think of New Orleans, trade shows are not the first thing to come to mind, but for us #tradeshowprofs and #eventprofs it’s a destination we will likely visit for work sooner or later. I know – boo, who wants to work when you can listen to Jazz, hang with the vibrant locals and discover culinary delights?

The good news is that despite how busy you are, you have to eat (even your boss can’t deny this). And eating dining indulging in New Orleans is never just a meal – it’s a memory-making experience. A quick lunch bite down the street or a client dinner turns into a story you tell your friends or a meal you can’t get out of your head.   

My mother always said that the best approach to having a balanced life is, “everything in moderation”. For your benefit, I’ve put this very sage advice aside, collaborated with our local New Orleans team, and crafted this restaurant recommendation list below – moderation be damned (sorry, mom)!

Before you dive in, be sure to find out how you can leverage Nth Degree’s local know-how and expertise with our union regulations guide and trade show services

Let’s Eat - Nth Degree’s New Orleans Dining Guide:

  • Cavan (the historic setting and thoughtful menu is a crowd pleaser)
  • Bachanal Wine (go before the secret is out and be cooler than your colleagues)
  • Mother’s (great quick breakfast, don’t let the line out the door scare you, it moves quickly)
  • NOLA (one of Emeril Lagasse’s autograph restaurants, a good bet for a work dinner)
  • Central Grocery (say it with me, “I’ll have the muffuletta” – it’s a little bit famous and a lot delicious)
  • Red Fish (we recommend BBQ oysters and any dish with the signature Red Fish)
  • Taceaux Loceaux (food truck fun - follow them on social to see their next stop)
  • Mandina’s (yum lives here)
  • Palace Café (electric French Quarter vibe with Creole classics)
  • Acme Oyster House (you know what to order)
  • Galatoire’s (loyalty to a restaurant and its staff is an understatement for locals – find out why)
  • Commander’s Palace (the Jazz brunch is truly an event and worth the CC swipe)
  • Deanie’s Seafood (it’s what you’d expect, seafood and a casual atmosphere)
  • Café Du Monde (happiness is a warm beignet and a café au lait)

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